Thursday, January 29, 2009


So Scott totally surprised me with my second birthday gift (my first one was Sofi). He took me to see the Spurs and Suns basketball game tonight. What a blast! It was so cool he did this. It's funny because weeks leading up to my birthday; I was asking him what should we do any ideas? He's like no, not really. So I was getting bummed out. A company that he orders parts from for work has season tickets to the Suns. So Scott, about a month before Christmas asked he could get the tickets for Suns/Spurs game for his wife's birthday. The guy said he would try but there would be no guarantee. So a few weeks before my birthday, the tickets were on his desk at work. He was pretty excited; he told me that night, he can't keep a secret from me to save his life!! It's funny and I use it to my benefit at times. :) Here are a few pictures from the game.

By the way, Spurs won 114 to 104. The people all around us were definitely not a fan of me cheering for the Spurs. I didn't care, GO SPURS GO!

Our seats were great

The half time show was pretty cool. It was three guys doing tricks. This was the last one. I was able to get a really good picture. I forgot to take pictures of the tricks before, I was in awe :)

My enormous cookie. Scott helped me eat it, but we all know I ate most of it :)

Love you!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Decorating Inspiration Photos

I like these colors together. It's such a fun and cheery room.

I love how this looks ... a shade over a chandelier

this is an outdoor space that Kim Myles, from Myles of Style HGTV created. Outdoor spaces are becoming more of outdoor living rooms and living areas. It's an extension of your house. The chanderliers are made out of paper clips. What a cool idea. The "screen" in the back, hanging, are bamboo places mats strung together. She has some great crative ideas. Also, putting curtains outside softens the space up. I'll be doing similar things to our outdoor space.

Here is the color combo of yellow, blue and orange. I love how it looks together

Love these colors
This would make a great enterpiece. I have a vase like this. I think i'll try this out.

I want to add seashells like this to the upstairs guest bath. What a cute idea.

I like the idea of the curtain over the headboard.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

First Day of School

Last night was my first day back in school, the beginning stages of my nursing degree. The Professor was interesting. A little hard to understand him, no idea where he's from. He at least trys to make some jokes during class. Made me smile a few times. We're there from 7:15-9:55. What a drag. Class is so long because it only meets once a week. The lab for the class is the same length. I didn't get home til about 10:30 last night, and after I played with Sofi for a little, I didn'd end up in bed til 11:15. Of course, when I got home, Scott was playing playstation and was on the phone with Brad, while he too was playing. It's kind of neat, you can play online against anyone around the world.

The class is a Biology class. My favorite subject (there's sarcasim in there). I met a few girls who want to put a study group together, that'll be a big help for me. Plus, it'll help keep me motivated as well. So, so far so good. I just need to keep my eye on the light at the end of the track.

Sofi Lancaster

We have a new edition to our Lancaster Bungalow. Meet Sofi Lancaster

She is the sweetest girl. She's got a little brown in her face and brown paws. We don't think she even weighs a pound yet. She and Vader are getting along pretty well. He gets a little too rough from time to time, but for the most part, they enjoy playing with each other. She has the sharpest teeth and nails right now. I have a nice scratch to prove it. She's a very calm girl, but she gets very excited when Scott and I come home from work. She loves to snuggle and she is curious about everything right now. How can you resist this face?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What do you want to be when you grow up?

I don't think I've ever really liked this question, because every time I was asked this question, I never knew the answer. I always assumed that getting a degree in business would be fine, just get that, have something, and at least that's a degree that you can take anywhere with you and you can get almost any job with it. Especially the way the economy is now, having a degree or a trade of some sort is necessary and definitely a must have. Even before the economy took a nose dive, employers want education AND experience. Before, many employers were willing to train you and you could ultimately move up in the company. If you want to make a decent paycheck now a days, you better have a minimum of a bachelors.

I was recently researching jobs on the internet and I came across Nursing. I never even contemplated this job before, but the more I started to read about it, the more I became interested in it. It is one of the most demanded jobs and they are always under staff. Now, read between the lines, and that basically means long hours and possibly overtime. But hey, we don't have kids, Scott usually works til 8, 9 sometimes at night and always works Saturdays. And sometimes, not often, he goes in on Sundays. Nurse schedules are also very flexible. If you work for a hospital, they're open 24/7, all kinds of shifts are available. There are soooo many departments in the hospital, so many different types of nurses. You have management in nursing. There's a million directions you could go with this job. The pay is really decent as well. Of course you have to look at that factor. Nurses start at about 40, 50K a year and can advance all the way up to 160k+. That's quite a range. Nurses also make more when they work nights and holidays. It's really a great career just because there are so many directions you can go in it, and every day is completely different. You see different people each day. And what a joy it is to go home knowing you made a difference in someone's life on a day to day basis. The more I talk about it, the more I get excited about it.

Scott is taking me to talk to his friends mother, who's a nurse, and has been for several years. She's very excited about us coming over and sharing her experiences and honestly talking to me about what I’m getting into. Being able to talk to her and ask her all my questions is definitely a plus.

So far, the majority of people that I have shared my interest in nursing with was a little shocked at first. I guess I totally blindsided them with this since for the last few months all I have been talking about is becoming a wedding planner. I am still very much interested in owning my own venue one day. Realistically, Scott and I can't afford something that dramatic anytime in the future and I'm completely fine with that. Owning my own business, my own wedding venue, sounds like a great retirement plan. Most people who retire today still either work or do something on the side. Scott's probably going to want to own his own body shop, or build cars for fun after her retires and weddings will always have my interest. My dream for owning my own wedding venue has not been forgotten about, just put on hold for now. I'll come back to that when I'm ready for it.

Say I Do Weddings

We had our first Bridal Show January 10th and 11th. It was such a great turn out. We met a lot of brides and we handed out a couple thousand business cards and postcards. We got such great feedback on our booth design. Everyone absolutely loved it. Plus, we colored coordinated with it, and that was the icing on the cake. We had a few bumps getting ready for the show, but everything worked out in the end. We're looking forward to our June show. Our website mimics our booth. You can check it out. It's in the beginning stages, but we're happy we have something on the web.

Here's our booth

It's been a while

Sorry it's been a while since I was last here. We've had a lot going on in these past few months. Christmas was great. We had a house full of people. I enjoyed playing hostess and showing off the house. Christmas day we had everyone over and we decided to have a white elephant gift exchange. If you're not familar with what that is I'll tell you. Each person brings a gift, wrapped up and puts all the gifts in a pile. Everyone draws a number and that determines which order you get to pick a gift and then you go in sequence. The person who drew number "1" gets to take the first pick out of the pile of gifts. The person who drew number "2" has the option of picking a new gift to open, or can steal the gift from number "1". If they decide to steal the gift, then number "1" gets to open a new gift. It continues until everyone has opened a gift. At the end, the person who drew number "1" has the option to keep the gift they have or trade with someone else. It's a lot of fun. I threw in a new idea and we had a gift called "the cow pattie". It was a gift wrapped up in the pile of gifts, an extra gift, in the shape of a cow pattie. The person who opens that gift, gets the ultimate last pick, even after the number "1" picks for the last time. Everyone had a lot of fun and seemed to enjoy it.