Friday, January 23, 2009

Decorating Inspiration Photos

I like these colors together. It's such a fun and cheery room.

I love how this looks ... a shade over a chandelier

this is an outdoor space that Kim Myles, from Myles of Style HGTV created. Outdoor spaces are becoming more of outdoor living rooms and living areas. It's an extension of your house. The chanderliers are made out of paper clips. What a cool idea. The "screen" in the back, hanging, are bamboo places mats strung together. She has some great crative ideas. Also, putting curtains outside softens the space up. I'll be doing similar things to our outdoor space.

Here is the color combo of yellow, blue and orange. I love how it looks together

Love these colors
This would make a great enterpiece. I have a vase like this. I think i'll try this out.

I want to add seashells like this to the upstairs guest bath. What a cute idea.

I like the idea of the curtain over the headboard.


Susie said...

I love how colorful all those rooms are! I want to inject some color into our new house, too. But I have a less-than-willing spouse, who would totally freak if I tried most of those.
Usually, I really hate seashells in decorating. I don't know why, but I just haven't seen it done in a way I like, despite all of the bathrooms I've seen (even my sister's, but don't tell her!) Until now. I love the seastars and sand dollars hung like that!
One thing I did like was that my sister bought square shadow box frames and mounted my BIL's shells that he'd collected from far-off places in the middle of them, so they sort of float in the frame. That's an idea for you!