Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's been a while

Sorry it's been a while since I was last here. We've had a lot going on in these past few months. Christmas was great. We had a house full of people. I enjoyed playing hostess and showing off the house. Christmas day we had everyone over and we decided to have a white elephant gift exchange. If you're not familar with what that is I'll tell you. Each person brings a gift, wrapped up and puts all the gifts in a pile. Everyone draws a number and that determines which order you get to pick a gift and then you go in sequence. The person who drew number "1" gets to take the first pick out of the pile of gifts. The person who drew number "2" has the option of picking a new gift to open, or can steal the gift from number "1". If they decide to steal the gift, then number "1" gets to open a new gift. It continues until everyone has opened a gift. At the end, the person who drew number "1" has the option to keep the gift they have or trade with someone else. It's a lot of fun. I threw in a new idea and we had a gift called "the cow pattie". It was a gift wrapped up in the pile of gifts, an extra gift, in the shape of a cow pattie. The person who opens that gift, gets the ultimate last pick, even after the number "1" picks for the last time. Everyone had a lot of fun and seemed to enjoy it.