Thursday, January 29, 2009


So Scott totally surprised me with my second birthday gift (my first one was Sofi). He took me to see the Spurs and Suns basketball game tonight. What a blast! It was so cool he did this. It's funny because weeks leading up to my birthday; I was asking him what should we do any ideas? He's like no, not really. So I was getting bummed out. A company that he orders parts from for work has season tickets to the Suns. So Scott, about a month before Christmas asked he could get the tickets for Suns/Spurs game for his wife's birthday. The guy said he would try but there would be no guarantee. So a few weeks before my birthday, the tickets were on his desk at work. He was pretty excited; he told me that night, he can't keep a secret from me to save his life!! It's funny and I use it to my benefit at times. :) Here are a few pictures from the game.

By the way, Spurs won 114 to 104. The people all around us were definitely not a fan of me cheering for the Spurs. I didn't care, GO SPURS GO!

Our seats were great

The half time show was pretty cool. It was three guys doing tricks. This was the last one. I was able to get a really good picture. I forgot to take pictures of the tricks before, I was in awe :)

My enormous cookie. Scott helped me eat it, but we all know I ate most of it :)

Love you!


Susie said...

How fun! And how perfect that the Suns were playing the Spurs right around your birthday!
Happy Birthday!